Laser Welding Machine, PE-EL600D/800D

Laser Welding Machine,  PE-EL600D/800D
Technical Parameters
Model PE-EL600D PE-EL800D
Effective test area 2000 × 1200mm (Can be customized according to customer requirements )
Resolution 3032 × 2016 3358 × 2536
6656 × 2030 6716 × 2536
Testing Component Type Mono crystalline , poly crystalline module
Camera Type Cooling type CCD
Cooling temperature Cooling to room temperature 20°C
Exposure time 0-60 seconds adjustable
Compressed air 0.8MP
Similar defects can be detected Detecting the presence or absence of flaws solar cell modules such as cracks, debris , welding lines, broken gates and single cell conversion efficiency of different anomalies.
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Other Products
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W1500A/PE-W1500B The laser welding machine for solar cells is an automatic crystalline silicon solar cell laminated piece string welding machine that comes with a combination of equipment. The capacity of both models reaches up to 1600 solar cells per hour. The solar cell machine combines high quality welding equipment and automated lamination equipment, giving the machine a full performance range in order to ensure the production quality. With a 24 hour continuous working process, and a breakage rate of less than 0.2%, this machine is an excellent choice.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W800 1. The solar string welding machine can be used on BIPV modules
    2. It is equipped with a double sided welding battery
    3. The machine also features patented welding technology.
    4. Solar cells can be welded at 5 or 6 inches, as well as half slices.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-AThe PE-W700-A laser welding machine is used for electrical isolation and hermetic sealing of modules. It is also used for the complete removal of every layer from the edge of fully processes thin film solar cells on glass substrates when required. The laser edge deletion technology provides a better performance over traditional techniques, like sand blasting and grinding.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-BLaser Dielectric Ablation is the application of advanced metallization schemes in order to reduce shadow losses and series resistance losses. It is also done to improve contact to the emitter.