Laser Welding Machine, PE-EL600/800

The PE-EL600/800 image flaw detector for solar cells is used to detect the presence or absence of cracks, debris, welds, broken gates in solar modules and single cell conversion efficiency of different anomalies.

This laser machine boasts an excellent image quality: 12 million and 16 million pixel imaging quality, with no noise. The camera is cooled using semi-conductor cooling, the lowest temperature it can reach is -20ºC, excluding the impact of thermal noise, which further improves the image quality.

Fully enclosed optical design: The fully enclosed optical system and thermostatic cooling system test environment are maintained at a constant temperature environment in a full darkroom to ensure the stability of the entire system operation. This avoid uneven temperatures due to external stray light, noise caused by test scores and ensures the reliability and accuracy of the tests.

Laser Welding Machine, PE-EL600/800

Powerful special testing software: The display interface is entirely in Chinese, and users can automatically scan graphics code numbers and press save to file the encoding. The zoomed in scanned image shows fine details, making it easy to judge.

The E1 automatic tester structure design is easy to adjust, and can be easily achieved with the customer’s production line interface.

The CCD camera uses a high quality imported light sensitive chip, allowing for excellent imaging results. With a cooling function, and a cooling effect of up to -20ºC, it can further improve the image quality. Cameras with 12 million or 16 million pixels allow for different specifications and dual camera use.

Professional PC software: Not only can the software monitor the testing process, but it also allows customer to directly mark defects, along with saving the test results. It is easy to create a local database with results, and it also has an interface function with the customer’s database system.

Test results can be uploaded quickly. More features can be added as per customer request, including an automatic bar code scanning feature.

Technical Parameters
Model PE-EL600 PE-EL800
Working area 2000×1200mm ( Can be customized according to customer requirements )
Resolution 3032 × 2016 3358 × 2536
6656 × 2030 6716 × 2536
Testing Component Type Mono crystalline , poly crystalline module
Camera Type Cooling type CCD
Cooling temperature Cooling to room temperature 20°C
Exposure time 0— 60 seconds adjustable
Compressed air 0.8MP
Similar defects can be detected Detecting the presence or absence of solar cell modules that are cracked , debris , visual welding lines, broken gates and single cell conversion efficiency of different anomalies.
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