Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-D

To get high efficiency c-Si solar cells, the reduction of surface recombination losses and excellent surface passivation and/or Back Surface Field (BSF) formations are needed.

LFC is a technique that has been developed to form the point or line contact patter on solar cells with dielectric rear passivation.

High energy and short duration of the laser heating.
High throughput and yield at the speed of 6s/pc.
Flexible tools with user friendly interface
Auto loading and uploading system (optional)

Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-D

Scanning speed: 10,000 contacts/s
Contact Depth: 0.5-4μm
Wafer Size: 125mm x 125 mm, 156mm x 156mm

LFC technique makes use of laser ablation of silicon oxide or silicon nitride deposited on top of a film of aluminum metal, in order to achieve a low series resistance ohmic contact. Due to the back of the battery on the structure of the point contact, the metal composite is significantly reduced, leading to a substantial increase in the performance on the back of the battery passivation. The back of the battery technology solves traditional high complexity defects.

When the electrode is in the form of point contact, there is a certain permutation distribution.

After eliminating the sintering process of aluminization.

Fewer steps means there is less use of chemical reagents and a simpler process.

Light path, speed 10,000 contacts / s
Sintering Depth: 0.5-4μm
Working area: 125mm x 125 mm, 156mm x 156mm
Open an insulating layer

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