Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-B

Spot size: 45-60um
Wafer Size (mm): 156.5x156.5 (6”) , 125x125 (5”)
Wafer thickness (μm): 150-220
Breakage rate: < 0.2%
CCD vision system for automatic alignment;
Air extraction and filtering equipment.
Auto loading & unloading system.
High reliability resulting in high uptime.
Stack or Cassette for option
Designed for 24 hours, 7 days operation.
Easy Operation

Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-B

Laser Dielectric Ablation (inline system)
Laser Dielectric Ablation is the application of advanced metallization schemes in order to reduce shadow losses and series resistance losses. It is also done to improve contact to the emitter.

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Other Products
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-EThis particular laser welding machine is used for Emitter Wrap Through (EWT) and Metallization Wrap Through (MWT) solar cells. For these solar cells, the emitter contacts are transferred to the rear of the wafer, and connected to the front emitter using metallized laser drilled holes.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-C Wafer size: 125mm×125mm/156mm×156mm
    High throughput of up to1,500 wafer/h
    CCD vision system for automatic alignment;
    Low breakage rates
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-D To get high efficiency c-Si solar cells, the reduction of surface recombination losses and excellent surface passivation and/or Back Surface Field (BSF) formations are needed. LFC is a technique that has been developed to form the point or line contact patter on solar cells with dielectric rear passivation.
  • Crystalline silicon cells PE-W1300 The solar string laser welder has a no pressure hot air welding wheel, servo motor drives, industrial camera orientation detection, and can automatically remove damaged cells. Users do need to set the cell spacing, the number of single-string cells, and the soldering temperature. The equipment is easy to operate and is suitable for crystalline silicon solar cells in a series welding sheet. The laser welding machine also allows for semi and fully automatic welding of laminated photovoltaic string docking devices, enables a batter string layout and positioning on glass.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-EL600/800 The PE-EL600/800 image flaw detector for solar cells is used to detect the presence or absence of cracks, debris, welds, broken gates in solar modules and single cell conversion efficiency of different anomalies.