Laser Welding Machine, PE-W800

Solar String Welder Advantages

1. The solar string welding machine can be used on BIPV modules
2. It is equipped with a double sided welding battery
3. The machine also features patented welding technology.
4. Solar cells can be welded at 5 or 6 inches, as well as half slices.
5. Within a half hour, different sized cells can be replaced. Sizes include 2BB, 3BB, 4BB and 5BB.
6. The surface quality of the welding allows the cells to be welded using a more than 2N tension test.
7. It takes only 20 minutes to replace different sized cells.
8. 1 person can operate 3 machines
9. A double box avoids production disruptions.
10. The ribbon is stretched in a forward manner.

Laser Welding Machine,PE-W800

11. Preheating of the welding surface on the cells ahead of time effectively avoids deformations.
12. The machine requires no manual operation.
13. The cells can be welded at 1600um.
14. The ribbon spacing size is adjustable.
15. The ribbon length is adjustable.
16. A touch screen allows the machine to work online, solving common equipment failure issues.
17. It is easy to connect one machine to other solar equipment.
18. Network remote assistance is available.
19. The cell gap is adjustable between 1-35mm.
20. There is no warm up needed before welding.
21. The solar welding machine requires no special maintenance.
22. The number of cells to be welded can be set using a computer.

Technical Parameters
Model PE-W800
Capacity Single Line 800 piece / hour , double 1500 piece / hour
Breakage rate ≤2‰
Welding method Hot wheel hybrid welding
Number of head welding 1 piece
The number of grid lines ribbon 2,3,4,5
Cell Specifications 40x 156 to 156x 156
Cell spacing 1.5—40mm (according to the size of cell)
Power Requirements 400V 3P+N+G
Lowest Power 10KW
Frequency 50—60HZ
Temperature Range 15 to 50 ℃
Specification 3880 x 1320 x 1800mm
Weight 980kg
Compressed air 6 Bar
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