Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700

Application: Laser ascribing for thin film solar cells P1 /P2/ P3.
X-Y axis liner motor , 1500 mm/s
Granite stage;
1064nm or 532nm laser ;
CCD alignment system
non-contact air bearing system
Speed: 60S/piece
Line width: 50±10μm
Dead area: <300μm

Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700

Wavelength: 1064 mm\532nm
Accuracy: ±20μm
Spot Size: 40~60μm
Repeating accuracy: ±10μm
Speed: 1500mm/s
Power Supply: 380V / 40 A
Light Beam: 4 beams
Dimension: 4040 × 2140 × 1800mm
Pass line: 1025 mm
Weight: 6000 kg

  • Glass Panel Cutting
  • Glass Cleaning
  • TCO Deposition
  • P1 Laser Scribing
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Absorber Deposition
  • P2 Laser Scribing
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Back Contact Deposition
  • P3 Laser Scribing
  • Laser Edge Deletion
  • Inspection
  • Module Finishing
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Other Products
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-AThe PE-W700-A laser welding machine is used for electrical isolation and hermetic sealing of modules. It is also used for the complete removal of every layer from the edge of fully processes thin film solar cells on glass substrates when required. The laser edge deletion technology provides a better performance over traditional techniques, like sand blasting and grinding.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-BLaser Dielectric Ablation is the application of advanced metallization schemes in order to reduce shadow losses and series resistance losses. It is also done to improve contact to the emitter.
  • Laser Welding Machine, PE-W700-EThis particular laser welding machine is used for Emitter Wrap Through (EWT) and Metallization Wrap Through (MWT) solar cells. For these solar cells, the emitter contacts are transferred to the rear of the wafer, and connected to the front emitter using metallized laser drilled holes.