Laser Welding Machine, PE-W600G

Our PE-W600G laser welding machine is widely used for mobile communications, electronic components, glasses, clocks, jewelry, metal products, precision instruments, medical equipment, auto parts, cell phone batteries and other industries.

1. The optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is a laser welding tool used for welding different unique work pieces. The laser is transmitted by a fiber, then goes through a collimator lens to a collimate fiber laser, where it is turned into parallel light. It then goes through a focusing lens to focus the laser for the welding process.
2. For inaccessible positions, the welder can carry out non-contact remote welding with a greater flexibility.

Laser Welding Machine, PE-W600G

3. The laser beam split can be carried out in very little time and energy, and can carry out a multi-beam and multi-station machining. It provides the right conditions for precision welding.
4. The fiber optic transmission laser welding machine has an excellent beam quality, fine spot, and is easy to install. It is suitable for welding fiber optic connectors, microelectronic components, medical equipment, aluminum battery electrodes, precision parts and more.

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  • Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100EPerfect Laser’s PE-W100E laser soldering machine uses a high speed automotive system to assist in laser soldering, which helps give the laser machine its amazing processing efficiency. To match traditional pipelines, a visual identification automatic visual alignment system can be added to the laser soldering machine to achieve an advanced, automated production. By comparison, the actual production yield of a single machine is more than what 10 seasoned technicians can produce.