Fiber Optic Transmission Laser Welder, PE-W500G

Product Introduction
The PE-W500G series of equipment has a high output power, high energy, an excellent laser beam, and is known for being extremely reliable. It can carry flexible processing on a single or multiple work pieces.

Product Features
1. The laser welder uses an advanced German laser modular combined with a glided reflecting laser cavity. It uses a special beam mode selection and orthopedic operation, ensuring a high output power and high beam mode.
2. A double Hernia lamp pulse is used as the energy source, and a constant current laser source. The pulse is programmable using a smart management system, and can prevent incorrect operations or over temperatures, as well as under water protection.

Fiber Optic Transmission Laser Welder, PE-W500G

3. A multi-channel laser beam allows the machine to have a wide array of application. The laser beam transmits via channels and time sharing radiation. It can easily work on special fixtures for a variety of industries, quake proof optical tables, and pipeline production. A customized worktable can also be added.
4. The laser welder uses a semi-conductor red light for alignment indication.
5. A CCD coaxial or paraxonic monitoring alignment system is optional.
6. The energy feedback control system is also optional.

The PE-W500G fiber optic transmission laser welder is widely applied for precision soldering in photo-communication, IT, micro-motors, medical equipment, jumbo-trons, electron guns, cell phone vibration motors, engine spark plugs, and automobile lamps. It is also used for soldering precision in photo electricity parts, sensors and other electronic component pins.

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