Fiber Optic Transmission Laser Welder, PE-W500GS

The PE-W500GS fiber optic transmission laser welder uses a pulsed xenon ND: YAG laser crystal output 1064nm infrared laser. The laser power comes with arbitrary waveform technology to ensure the power of the laser and the waveform itself has excellent stability and repeatability during the working conditions.

The laser power ranges from 10-80W, covering all power systems and can meet different precision welding requirements for various industries.

This machine achieves a multi-beam laser output, with each beam working simultaneously. An increased processing freedom means the multiple beams can carry out processing in different working positions at the same time, and provides the right conditions for a more sophisticated welding.

Fiber Optic Transmission Laser Welder, PE-W500GS

The laser output waveform can be voluntarily set according to the welding material and shape, among other factors. It can significantly improve the welding quality, and even solve conventional welding problems.

As the fiber optic laser welder is primarily used for thin walled materials, and precision welding parts, it can carry out butt welding, stich welding, seal welding and more, with a small welding width, a small heat affected zone, less deformation, a high welding speed, and a nonporous can precision control. The laser light dot is small, with a high positioning accuracy, and the optical transmission makes automated usage easy.

The fiber optic transmission laser welder is commonly used for electronic components, hardware products, electrical products, consumer products, sensors, automotive parts, 3C electronics, crafts, precision instruments, jewelry, gifts, mechanical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, sanitary ware industry, batteries and IT work.

Technical parameters
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power 10/20/30/50/70/80w
Maximum peak power 5/5/6/6 / 9.9 / 9.9 KW
Maximum pulse energy 25/50/70/75/100/100 J
Pulse width 0.5-10.0 / 0.5-20.0 MS
Energy repetition frequency 0-30 / 0-100 Hz
Continuous pulse width 100 MS / S
Spectroscopic methods  spectral or temporal spectral energy
Closed-loop feedback control arbitrary waveform in actual time power feedback control
Energy volatility <± 3%
Energy spectral heterogeneity <± 3%
The maximum optical output power 6 laser beams optical output
Equipment Power 1.5 / 2.5 / 4/6/12/20 KW
Electricity Supply AC380V ± 15% 50 / 60Hz
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