Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100D

Precision metal soldering system appearance

Product Introduction
The laser beam is transmitted using a fiber set in the top of the solder ball exit. It is the set entrance for high pressure gas on top of the circle cavity, and the solder ball will be melted using a laser beam. The high pressure inert gas then forces the melted tin to drop, and ensures the melted tin will not be oxidized. This laser soldering system provides accurate and excellent soldering effects, making it particularly suitable for high precision soldering.

Product Features
1. The precision droplet laser soldering is used for processing work pieces that need high precision soldering. It is sensitive to soldering temperatures, and is not appropriate for direct processing.
2. This laser beam soldering machine is suitable for solder balls with a diameter ranging from 50µm to 760µm.

Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100D

3. Swift heating and melting can be carried out in as little as 0.2 seconds.
4. The soldering is carried out with a soldering tip, which prevents any splashes.
5. No soldering flux is needed. The machine emits no pollution, which extends and maximizes the service life of electronics.
6. The soldering ball can be as fine as 0.05mm, which is in accordance with current trends in electronics miniaturization.
7. The laser soldering machine can complete various soldering spots by choosing a solder ball in different sizes.
8. The end products are highly qualified.
9. When matched with an image alignment system, it is suitable for pipeline production.

Application Field
This precision metal laser soldering system is applicable for soldering wafers, photoelectron products, MEMS, sensors, BGA, HD (HGA, HAS) and camera modules.

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