Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100E

Product Introduction
Perfect Laser’s PE-W100E laser soldering machine uses a high speed automotive system to assist in laser soldering, which helps give the laser machine its amazing processing efficiency. To match traditional pipelines, a visual identification automatic visual alignment system can be added to the laser soldering machine to achieve an advanced, automated production. By comparison, the actual production yield of a single machine is more than what 10 seasoned technicians can produce.

Product Features
1.Effective soldering: The laser soldering machine is suitable for mass production for multiple solders,, which can process about ten soldering applications in a single operation.
2.Advanced automation: Users can watch the processing image on a CCD. Users can also add an automatic visual identification alignment system to achieve automatic production.

Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100E

3.The soldering effects are full and consistent.
4.Accurate soldering: The beam spot can be as fine as a micron, and the soldering time is program controlled. The soldering accuracy is higher than traditional processing methods.
5.Non-contact processing: There are no mechanical extrusions on the soldering spot.
6 .A fine laser beam replaces an iron head, which makes soldering easy when there are obstacles on the surface of the soldering point.
7.Local heating leaves no influence on the area surrounding the soldering point.
8.A fully closed structure means there is no pollution during processing, there is no static electricity interference, and the laser machine is safe to operate.
9.With a number of different functions, it is suitable for processing compound work pieces.
10.It is easy to set the processing programs, making operation easy.

The PE-W100E laser soldering machine is used for high precision soldering between micro coaxial cables and terminal blocks, as well a USB cables, FPC, PCB, high precision LCD, FTF and high frequency transmission lines. As reports about the accurate processing of the cables become more frequent, traditional soldering machines do not meet increasing processing requests, leading most users to turn to a high speed laser soldering precision machine for micro-soldering.

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Other Products
  • Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100DThe laser beam is transmitted using a fiber set in the top of the solder ball exit. It is the set entrance for high pressure gas on top of the circle cavity, and the solder ball will be melted using a laser beam. The high pressure inert gas then forces the melted tin to drop, and ensures the melted tin will not be oxidized. This laser soldering system provides accurate and excellent soldering effects, making it particularly suitable for high precision soldering.
  • Fiber Optic Transmission Laser Welder, PE-W500GSThe PE-W500GS fiber optic transmission laser welder uses a pulsed xenon ND: YAG laser crystal output 1064nm infrared laser. The laser power comes with arbitrary waveform technology to ensure the power of the laser and the waveform itself has excellent stability and repeatability during the working conditions.