Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100

Product Introduction
The PE-W100 laser soldering machine is known for its high efficiency, precision, reliability and qualified automatic production using a robot, diode laser and an optional temperature feedback system. Input processing positions, other figures or programs needed for operation, and the laser can be paired with fiber and diode lasers. Each of these components go into the complete assembly of the real-time temperature feedback system.

Product Features
1. Constant temperature at the soldering location
2. The soldering temperature is easy to set. Users can directly input the temperature, with no experiments and adjustments to find the right one.
3. The temperature at the soldering point can be continuously adjusted between 100-600ºC.

Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100

4. The temperature is controlled to an accuracy within 5ºC.
5. Using coaxial CCD imaging, users get real time monitoring of the soldering location.
6. Local heating leaves very little heat influence on the surrounding area outside the soldering point.
7. The processing program is easy to set, making operations convenient.
8. An optical coaxial on the laser output, the CCD monitor, and the temperature feedback all prevent complicated adjustment and calibration as well as super positioning of the soldering, guiding and imaging spots.
9. Continuous gradient heating can be done using a programmable software adjustment.
10. Excellent soldiering effects leave a full and constant soldering spot.
11. Advanced automation: users can watch the processing image on the CCD. Users can add an automatic visual identification alignment system to the soldering laser to achieve a fully automatic production.
12. Non-contact processing: there is no mechanical extrusion on the soldering location.
13. The accurate soldering, and beam spot can be as fine as a micron. The soldering time can be controlled using a specialized program, and the soldering accuracy is much higher than traditional soldering methods and machines.
14. A fine laser beam replaces the iron head, making it easy to solder when there are obstacles on the surface of the soldering point.

The PE-W100 laser soldering machine can be used for PCB point soldering, metal and non-metal material soldering, plastic welding and other sintering and heating applications. The soldering machine can also be used for automatic production on special soldering spot processing in pipeline production. For real time and accurate temperature control on the target soldering points, the laser soldering machine is especially suitable for processing highly sensitive materials that require high precision soldering.

Technical Parameters:
wavelength 810nm, 980nm
output power 5W,15W,30W,60W,90W
fiber core diameter 50 μ m,100 μ m,200 μ m,400 μ m
fiber connectors SMA905
minimum beam spot 50 μ m to 400 μ m
power instability <± 5 %
pulse duration 1~9999ms
control both internal and external
AC power 110V/2A or 220V/1A
lifetime > 10,000hours
focusing optics 1:1 imaging optics
working distance 50mm
Images of Laser soldering system constant appearance: Samples:
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Other Products
  • Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100EPerfect Laser’s PE-W100E laser soldering machine uses a high speed automotive system to assist in laser soldering, which helps give the laser machine its amazing processing efficiency. To match traditional pipelines, a visual identification automatic visual alignment system can be added to the laser soldering machine to achieve an advanced, automated production. By comparison, the actual production yield of a single machine is more than what 10 seasoned technicians can produce.
  • Laser Soldering Machine, PE-W100DThe laser beam is transmitted using a fiber set in the top of the solder ball exit. It is the set entrance for high pressure gas on top of the circle cavity, and the solder ball will be melted using a laser beam. The high pressure inert gas then forces the melted tin to drop, and ensures the melted tin will not be oxidized. This laser soldering system provides accurate and excellent soldering effects, making it particularly suitable for high precision soldering.