Small Format YAG Metal Laser Cutting Machine

YAG metal laser cutting machine with very thin laser beam can be used on small part cutting and complicated patterns and reach to a polished effect. Its vertically cut makes the edges very smooth and neat. It also has the advantage of high cutting speed with minimal thermal distortion. Due to high accurate and non-contact cutting, YAG laser metal cutting machine is specially applicable to the precise accessories cutting for different thin metal materials such as mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, brass ect with smooth cutting edge.

1) Best Cutting effect: The laser beam of laser metal cutting machine is fine and thin. It can provide the best cutting effect. Especially good in cutting different thin metal sheets.

Small Format YAG Metal Laser Cutting Machine

2) High precision cutting: Apply for variety craft words and painting.

3) Fast Speed Cutting: The cutting speed is very fast up to maximum 50 mm/s.

4) Non Contact Cutting: This type cutting won't produce any mechanical force or any deformation of metal sheets.

5) complicated Cutting pictures: Our laser metal cutting machine can support various formats such as PDF, BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF, LAS, PLT, DST, ESP, and DWG. Etc, which allows our laser metal cutting machine can cutting any beautiful and complicated pictures according to user's needs.

6) High Accuracy: YAG laser metal cutting machine can reach up to 0.001 mm.

7) Auto focusing and tracking function: When metal sheet is not so plain, the machine can adjust the focusing distance automatically.

8) Few consumables: The only consumables of laser metal cutting machine are two xenon lamps which is very cheap.

9) 5P water cooling system: Laser metal cutting machine with 5P water cooling system can cool the lens which keeps it in a suitable environment and clean situation.

10) Advanced Technology: Laser metal cutting machine adopts the current most advanced laser technology from Germany. It can ensure that your machine is the most high tech in the world.

YAG metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for sheet metal processing such as stainless steel cutting, mild steel cutting, carbon steel cutting, alloy steel cutting, spring steel cutting, iron cutting, copper cutting, brass cutting, aluminum cutting, titanium cutting, metal sheets cutting, metal plates cutting, metal pipes cutting, etc.

Technical Date for Laser metal Cutting Machine
Model PE-M500-6262/PE-M700-6262 PE-M500-2513/ PE-M700-2513 PE-M500-3015/ PE-M700-3015
Working area mm 620 x620mm 2500x1300mm 3000 x 1500mm
Max. Output Power 500 W/700W
Max. cutting thickness 0.2-8mm
Actuating Medium Nd+3:YAG
Input Power 16KW
Single Impulse 10J
Laser Wave length 1064nm
Impulse Width 0.2~10 ms
Impulse Frequency 0~300 Hz
Max. Cutting Speed 20-50mm/s(1mm Stainless Steel)
Minimum Line Width 0.4 mm
Power Stability < ±3%
Table Axial Positioning Accuracy 0.05 mm
Table-Driven System Servo Motor Driver
Table Repeat Positioning Accuracy 0.02 mm

Remark: We perfect laser has the ability to customize any sizes according to customers' need.

Optional Items
Rotary System: this is used for cutting round pipe.
Air compressor + dryer: This equipment is needed when using compressed air which is the most economic way compared with N2 and O2.

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